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Incentive Based Social Media Followings: Fair or Foul ?

July 30, 2013


Many companies are turning to incentives such as discounts and product giveaways with the hopes of increasing their social media presence, via a new Facebook like or Twitter follow. Pepsi recently debuted a Pepsi Like Machine in Antwerp, Belgium at a Beyoncé concert. The machine dispenses a can of Pepsi or Pepsi product of the user’s choice after he or she likes Pepsi’s Facebook page. Users were given the option to like the page using a touch screen on the machine or by liking the page on their mobile devices.

See the machine in action here:

We are now living in a time in which we value a company based on the number of followers or likes it has. Is a business that has 1 million Facebook likes better than a business that has only 100 Facebook likes? Not necessarily, but when a company’s social media following is being used as leverage in business meetings it’s not hard to see why they are clamoring to get their next social media follower no matter how disingenuous it may be.

This was Pepsi’s first test with such a machine, and according to the company it was a success. While a novel idea, the Pepsi Like Machine and other incentives poses a few questions regarding the way businesses use social media. Is the incentive-based like, follow, or retweet an effective entry point to engagement with consumers? How many of the users who liked the Pepsi Facebook page will remain actively engaged after receiving their free can of soda? This type of incentive-based following also poses a question about measurement. Do we count this effort a success because the company gained new Facebook likes, or do we measure on the number of users who remain active on the Pepsi Facebook page after there is no longer an incentive to do so?

For various reasons, many users will not return – no matter how great your content is. To combat fleeting, incentive based users, businesses must understand that a new Facebook like or Twitter follower is only the beginning of the conversation. Your coupon or giveaway got the consumer in the door, now it’s your job to make them life-long visitors. An incentive based Facebook like with no follow-up is no different than a perceived great first date that never leads to a second. Be just as engaging to keep the consumer around.

 How do you feel about incentive based social media followings?

Thoughts from a Young Public Relations Professional

July 8, 2013

Are you interested in a career in public relations? Would you like to know what agency life is like? Here is a blog post written by Matlocker Erika Ludwig, Account Coordinator – Reputation, with a few tips for young professionals entering the PR workforce.


A Photo of Erika at her college graduation.

Completing your first year at an agency is no small feat. Public Relations is more than just writing press releases and earning media coverage. Like many industries today, Public Relations is evolving into a career that involves one having many “tools” in their toolbox.

Here is some advice I hope those considering a career in Public Relations, or current young professionals, will find useful.

Join a professional organization
Being a member of a professional organization not only looks good on your resume, but through professional organizations you can network, grow professionally and learn about trends. Additionally, join a SIG. Special Interest Groups are great resources for niche topics, in addition to being a great resource for networking.

Own an AP Stylebook
Your AP Stylebook is your best friend when writing press releases. Use it! It is also a great means for proofreading.

Be flexible and learn how to multi-task
Working at an agency requires you to work on different projects at the same time. Learn how to be flexible and balance your workload. By planning ahead, a new task with a quick deadline should be no problem!  

Embrace social media
Social media is a necessary tool for young public relations professionals today.  Some companies will hire young PR professionals to write social media calendars in addition to completing  PR responsibilities. Make yourself familiar with various social media platforms, and always be on the lookout for  new platforms and trends.

Take initiative
Just because you are a young professional and most likely at the “bottom of the totem pole” doesn’t mean you are not allowed to take initiative. If a problem occurs, approach your superior with solutions, in addition to informing them about the situation at hand. Act instead of reacting.

Embrace opportunity
If you have an opportunity to travel, do it. If you have an opportunity to take on a new responsibility in addition to your current roles, do it. By taking advantage of presented opportunities you are making yourself more valuable to your current agency – and to future employers.

Strive for work/life balance
Working at an agency is a great experience, but it can be stressful at times.  Make sure to have a reasonable work/life balance. Expect to stay late at the office some days (especially when projects are due), but remember it’s important to go home and relax.

Learn from your mistakes
You will make mistakes. Accept them, learn from them and keep going. Apply what you have learned from your “blunder” to your future tasks. Making mistakes is a part of your growth as a professional.


A picture of Erika and an Atlanta Journal-Constitution employee at a networking event.

I hope that you find these tips useful. Each agency is different, and requires various roles and responsibilities. Be open to learning and be flexible. You never know where your road may lead, but make use of what is put in front of you to build the bridge to your future. 

Industry pioneer Daniel J. Edelman passes away at 92

January 15, 2013

Industry pioneer Daniel J. Edelman passes away at 92

Our thoughts go out to public relations industry pioneer Daniel J. Edelman who passed away on Tuesday. Mr.  Edelman founded Edelman PR in 1952 in Chicago. He previously worked as a reporter in Poughkeepsie, NY, before he was drafted into World War II. Edelman also worked as a newswriter for CBS and as PR director for hair products-maker the Toni Company before founding his own agency. He retired as CEO in 1996.


Matlock Named #1 PR Firm by Atlanta Tribune

November 13, 2012

We are honored  to announce that the Atlanta Tribune has named Matlock Advertising & Public Relations the best public relations firm in the city for 2012!!

“We are pleased to be named as Atlanta’s best public relations firm” said Kent Matlock, CEO of Matlock Advertising & Public Relations. “We believe in doing our collective best, and I feel that it shows in our work. This prestige would not be possible without our outstanding clients nor our dedicated staff. This is truly an honor.”

If you would like to look for yourself, please pick up a copy of the Atlanta Tribune’s Best of Atlanta Edition 2012 edition.


Meet Tina

September 5, 2012

Matlock would like to welcome Tina S. to the team! Tina will serve as Matlock’s Creative Services Manager, coordinating everything our Creative Department works on.

We asked Tina to answer a few questions about herself so we could get to know her better. So here it is – Meet Tina!


Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have one dog

Who is your favorite superhero/heroine?
Wonder Woman

What is your shoe size?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
Tuscany, Italy.  I love the food and the landscape!

Do you have any favorite sports teams? If so , who?
FSU Football

What is your favorite holiday?

What I’ve Learned at Matlock – A post by Public Relations Intern Asha Haki-Tyler

August 10, 2012

Where can I even begin when I start to reflect on my past month at Matlock? Returning here to intern for the summer has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, because the “fruits” of my labor will always be bountiful for both my academic and career pursuits. I learned so much about how critical a person and/or company’s reputation can be to their success.


Dealing with issue/crisis management and media monitoring has taught me that while yes, “all publicity” may indeed “be good,” it takes a strong public relations team to truly allow its client’s audience to view it that way, and capitalize upon it so the client can continue to be profitable and successful. Working with social media to develop a client’s image has allowed me to truly see the importance of keeping your personal social media platforms private and/or appropriate in this ever-growing digital age.

One of my dreams is to open up my own thriving fashion and entertainment publicity firm. With the wealth of experiences I’ve garnered this summer, I feel more confident that my dream can become not only a realistic aspiration, but eventually an actuality.

As always, thank you for this opportunity Matlock!

What I’ve Learned at Matlock – A post by Public Relations Intern Asha Haki-Tyler

August 6, 2012

Here is what our clever intern had to say about her experiences at Matlock Advertising & Public Relations from last week:

“This week at Matlock I believe I really refined the way that I approach and understand the purpose of media. Through my media monitoring activities I had an active hand in extracting and interpreting the trends, thoughts, and actions of the nation, if not the world. Not only did this sharpen my media relations, and issues/crisis management skills, but it simultaneously kept me abreast of the latest, and most important news. When I return to Boston University in three weeks, this experience alone will be extremely relevant to the courses I will be taking, hopefully keeping me ahead of the collegiate learning curve.”

“Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity!”

My first week at Matlock Advertising and Public Relations

July 20, 2012

Earlier this week we introduced you to our new intern, Asha Haki-Tyler. We followed up with Asha, and asked her how her first week went. Here is what she had to say:

“My first week at Matlock was truly a whirlwind! Although I interned here last year, and in the same group, the capacity of help that I am providing this time is completely different, but thoroughly appreciated. Working reputation (the public relation department) so far has really clarified the definition of public relations and its practical application: how it can make or break a corporate client, and even how a PR firm itself operates its own publicity and reputation. In the coming weeks I hope to delve deeper into learning more about issue and crisis management, and creating effective social media.”

“Once again, thank you for this opportunity!”

You’re more than welcome Asha – we here at Matlock Advertising and Public Relations are more than happy to have such a bright and motivated intern! And don’t worry Asha – there will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn about various public relations practices and tools.