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What Black History Month Means to Me, a Matlock Series

February 7, 2013

Cheree Anderson

by Cheree Anderson, Project Coordinator, Matlock Atlanta

In grade school, I learned about our country’s Founding Fathers, I was tested on my knowledge of the first pilgrimages to America. My English lessons introduced me to the great writers and poets of our time. Science class presented a different view of my world and allowed me to experiment with ideas. I was a sponge. I absorbed all of this information and could recite it at will. However, no matter how much knowledge I gained or how “smart” I thought I was, I always felt like I wasn’t as good as some of my fellow classmates.

In 3rd grade all of that changed. This was the first time I can remember actively participating in Black History Month at school. It was then that I learned of the contributions African-Americans (or freed slaves) had made to our modern-age. I was astounded by innovations that would not have been if not for my ancestors. You see, I had countless lessons about the great Thomas Edison… inventor of the light bulb, but it wasn’t until Black History Month that I learned about Lewis Latimer who invented the most important part of the light bulb — the carbon filament. From the cotton gin to the traffic light and everything in between, African-Americans were pioneers in innovation. Learning of my ancestors’ accomplishments motivated me and provided a young Cheree with just the right amount of encouragement to feel like I, too, could do anything I put my mind to.



Matlock Celebrates Black History Month Socially!!

February 1, 2013

As a leader in multicultural marketing, Matlock would like to take the opportunity for the month of February to celebrate Black History Month via our social media platforms. Not only will our Matlock logo be revised for this occasion but we will provide employee insights on the significance of this month, how marketers use this month for advertising, and celebrate some pioneers of the African American community.

Check out our Facebook page, Matlock Advertising & Public Relations. We encourage you to “Like” our page to receive ongoing posts for Black History Month and thereafter.

You can also follow us on Twitter at #MatlockBlackHistoryMonth


Matlock Named #1 PR Firm by Atlanta Tribune

November 13, 2012

We are honored  to announce that the Atlanta Tribune has named Matlock Advertising & Public Relations the best public relations firm in the city for 2012!!

“We are pleased to be named as Atlanta’s best public relations firm” said Kent Matlock, CEO of Matlock Advertising & Public Relations. “We believe in doing our collective best, and I feel that it shows in our work. This prestige would not be possible without our outstanding clients nor our dedicated staff. This is truly an honor.”

If you would like to look for yourself, please pick up a copy of the Atlanta Tribune’s Best of Atlanta Edition 2012 edition.


First Day of Filming for Atlanta Medical Center

October 17, 2012

We had an exciting first day of shooting for the upcoming Atlanta Medical Center campaign. Stay tuned as we will be posting pictures of our activities leading up to the big launch!


Matlock is Happy to Announce our Partnership with Neighborhood Nexus

August 29, 2012

We are delighted to announce that Neighborhood Nexus has selected Matlock Advertising & Public Relations as their agency of choice.


A regional information system, Neighborhood Nexus provides data, tools and expertise as a catalyst to create opportunity for the citizens in all 20 counties that encompass the metro Atlanta area. Neighborhood Nexus was created in 2009 to bring better data to the thousands of decision-makers throughout metro Atlanta. With Atlanta’s rapid growth there is always a need for more and better information. Drawing on a wealth of expertise through partnerships and collaborations with the academic community, Neighborhood Nexus closes the gap in affordable, accurate neighborhood-level data that is compiled and updated on a regular basis.

Matlock Vice President and Group Director Greg Heydel says, “We are excited about helping communicate the availability and benefits of this crucial regional resource – Neighborhood Nexus – which fosters better decision-making for those who are enhancing lives in their communities.”

The core partners of Neighborhood Nexus are:  Atlanta Community Foundation, Emory University, Georgia State University, Atlanta Regional Commission, and The Civic League for Regional Atlanta.

What I’ve Learned at Matlock – A post by Public Relations Intern Asha Haki-Tyler

August 10, 2012

Where can I even begin when I start to reflect on my past month at Matlock? Returning here to intern for the summer has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, because the “fruits” of my labor will always be bountiful for both my academic and career pursuits. I learned so much about how critical a person and/or company’s reputation can be to their success.


Dealing with issue/crisis management and media monitoring has taught me that while yes, “all publicity” may indeed “be good,” it takes a strong public relations team to truly allow its client’s audience to view it that way, and capitalize upon it so the client can continue to be profitable and successful. Working with social media to develop a client’s image has allowed me to truly see the importance of keeping your personal social media platforms private and/or appropriate in this ever-growing digital age.

One of my dreams is to open up my own thriving fashion and entertainment publicity firm. With the wealth of experiences I’ve garnered this summer, I feel more confident that my dream can become not only a realistic aspiration, but eventually an actuality.

As always, thank you for this opportunity Matlock!

What I’ve Learned at Matlock – A post by Public Relations Intern Asha Haki-Tyler

August 6, 2012

Here is what our clever intern had to say about her experiences at Matlock Advertising & Public Relations from last week:

“This week at Matlock I believe I really refined the way that I approach and understand the purpose of media. Through my media monitoring activities I had an active hand in extracting and interpreting the trends, thoughts, and actions of the nation, if not the world. Not only did this sharpen my media relations, and issues/crisis management skills, but it simultaneously kept me abreast of the latest, and most important news. When I return to Boston University in three weeks, this experience alone will be extremely relevant to the courses I will be taking, hopefully keeping me ahead of the collegiate learning curve.”

“Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity!”

What I’ve Learned at Matlock – A post by Public Relations Intern Asha Haki-Tyler

July 27, 2012

Matlock followed-up with our outstanding intern, Asha Haki-Tyler this morning to see what she has learned during her time at Matlock so far. Here is what she had to say:

This week at Matlock I was able to continue further learning of the reputation group of the firm, but I also gained a further understanding, if not appreciation for corporate structure and culture. Through tasks assigned to me, I realized how critical organization can be to making or breaking a company. Just as a family proverb reminds me,  “A house is only as strong as the foundation it was first built upon,” it was important for me to see real life application of organizational skills: from how a file is situated on a company server, to something as frivolous as the way employees place their lunch together in the refrigerator. As I move forward with my career pursuits I hope to use the experiences I garnered overviewing Matlock, and other companies’ internal structures towards beneficial purposes.

I also enjoyed expanding my knowledge of social media. Although I use sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, I never really put thought into how companies use it in a public relations capacity, like how companies use the posts that users may create to determine social trends. There were times when I saw posts that were both extremely beneficial, and sometimes extremely explicit. Although I use my social media sites positively, this experience was an “eye-opener” to remind me that what I say matters, both in a positive and negative light.

I look forward to completing the second half of my internship, and as always, thank you for this opportunity!


Meet Asha

July 18, 2012

We at Matlock feel it is vital to engage students who are working their ways up to become young, budding professionals. With that being said, we would like to introduce you to our new intern, Asha Haki-Tyler. Asha is a sophomore at Boston University earning her degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations. Here we go – Meet Asha!



Where are you from?
Born and raised in Atlanta, although spent one year in Tucson, Arizona.

Do you have any pets?
No, I am terrified of animals!!

Who is your favorite superhero/heroine?
Wonder Woman – I love the way she is dressed. Her outfit is really cool!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
I would live in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Since childhood I have always had an infatuation with geography, and upon discovering the pacific islands, I fell in love with them, but specifically Vanuatu. Although they survive on tourism, the islands are generally “untouched” by the world’s conventions and assimilation, and the landscape is beautiful!

What is your dream job?
To own and operate a successful Fashion Publicity Agency, that specializes in increasing the brand of specifically “up-and-coming” fashion houses and/or designers. I also want to establish an arts education nonprofit that targets “at-risk” preschoolers, increasing their aptitude and preparedness for elementary school and eventually post-secondary endeavors, through implementing and emphasizing a love and skill for visual, performing and/or literary arts.

Do you have any favorite sports teams? If so , who?
I LOVE the Lakers with a healthy passion. My mother is from Los Angeles, so it is in my blood. I also like The Chicago Bulls, because of my “crush” on Derrick Rose.

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas. I love the fact that this holiday always brings together all my family, and forces everyone into a happy mood. And the food my aunt cooks is delicious, always.

Meet Candice

July 10, 2012

Matlock would like to welcome Candice Mallory to the team!  A graduate of Emory University, Candice joins Matlock as our Agency Services Coordinator.

We sat down with Candice and asked her a few questions so that we could get to know her better. So here it is – Meet Candice!

What is your favorite place to travel?
Edisto Island, SC. – I love searching for Horseshoe crabs and dolphin watching.

What is your favorite movie?
The Nightmare Before Christmas – It’s about self-acceptance and loving yourself. It’s an amazing movie, as is Tim Burton. I also enjoy the soundtrack.

What is your favorite quote?
“Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.” – Jean Paul Sartre

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy writing poetry, reading, watching movies, debating social issues, and learning.

What is your favorite book?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho because it’s a beautifully woven story about patience, and observance of life.