What Black History Month Means to Me, A Matlock Series

What Black History Month Means to Me, A Matlock Series

The last post in our 2013 series, “What Black History Month Means to Me,” (#MatlockBlackHistoryMonth) comes from Brand Team Account Supervisor Brittany Burns.

I have always felt honored to be born in Black History Month. It gives me a sense of hope and aspiration knowing that my ancestors have accomplished so much. Their notable accomplishments and success fuels my desire to do better. Throughout the month of February, I take the time to reflect on my own life, what I have accomplished and how I can make improvements.
As a child, I remember riding to school with my dad. Every February, the radio stations would provide a Black History Month fact on the airwaves. Those morning were always memorable, I can recall hearing about well know African American heroes, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Madam CJ Walker, Jackie Robinson, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and Colin Powell, but also some unsung heroes. I even heard stories about local New Orleanans accomplishments. As an African American, I felt a sense of pride walking into school with White, Black, Asian, Hispanic and others.


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